Alien in LA sounds like this is a blog about someone who lives in LA and feels like an Alien. It is true – I feel like it and I identify as an alien but this is not what I am going to be blogging about, this is just who I am.

Alien in LA is a blog about about evolution. I know this sounds broad and complicated but if you think about it the basics of human evolution are becoming a better, stronger, faster and more adaptable human being.

We live in an industrial and technological world where we talk about AI more than we talk about our own biological evolution. And if you think about it without it we will stay the same and eventually one day the human race is going to disappear.

Evolution was the reason we survived and we are who we are today. Science, medicine, philosophy and even the fitness industry understand that improving our human bodies is the key to a better future.

I understand that some of you don’t believe in evolution. That’s why let’s look at evolution as becoming a better human being. Building a stronger body, sharper mind and having more energy during the day.

Evolution means that the next generation of humans has stronger genes. If you don’t plan on having kids please remember that biological evolution is strongly influenced by the environment. In other words living in a world with stronger, educated and healthy people will encourage more of us to create those habits and in the long term create stronger genes in the future generations.

We are going to discuss topics related to nutrition, sport, mind and living in synchrony with planet Earth and other species.

I will be testing and experimenting with different diets, supplements, new foods, exercises and ways to improve my brain.