Aaskouandy: 148 Years Later

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148 years after the world collapses a new and better society is living in harmony with nature, hoping that they won’t repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.
Amiya is a sixteen year old girl who doesn’t believe that she belongs to this place and dreams about escaping every day.
One day the sudden appearance of an Aaskouandy object is going to change the status-quo on the Island and make Amiya question her dream to swim beyond the fog and leave everyone behind

Aliens and Friends Coloring Book

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Join the adorable baby aliens and their friendly companions on a journey through the colorful wonders of the Galaxy! In this delightful kids’ color book, young readers will meet a group of cute baby aliens who embark on exciting adventures alongside their playful friends.

Get ready for a magical journey beyond the stars, where cute baby aliens and their friends learn the true colors of friendship!”

Brave Little Dinosaurs: Coloring Adventures

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Join our fearless dinosaur friends on an out-of-this-world coloring adventure! In a galaxy far, far away, dinosaurs have embarked on a space journey like no other.

As they soar through space in their colorful rocket ship, your young artists can bring these brave dinosaurs to life with their imagination and creativity. From swirling galaxies to alien landscapes, the coloring book is filled with exciting scenes for kids to color.

Get ready for a coloring adventure that’s truly out of this world! With bold lines and engaging illustrations, this coloring book sparks creativity and encourages kids to dream big. Let your little ones join the brave dinosaurs in space as they embark on a colorful expedition that’s perfect for budding artists and dino enthusiasts alike. It’s time to grab your crayons and markers and blast off into a world where dinosaurs and space collide in the most adventurous and colorful way!